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At TimMay L.L.C., my products are carefully selected to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. I have My own warehouse of products and Ready to ship across most of the United States free of charge. I have taken feedback and suggestions very seriously since day one because I know it’s of the utmost importance to continue to improve and provide better service to my customers. By focusing on customer satisfaction above all else, I have always been able to take my customer's needs to heart. Check out my online shop to learn more about my lifestyle and pet products. Contact me through my booking form to learn more! also follow us on Facebook or Instagram #shoptimmay #TimMay

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We all love our pets, and that's why I offer my exclusive pet product line. Check out my online shop today to see amazing products like the Treat Pouch!

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My goal is to always supply you with the most convenient products at the lowest possible price. I'm always on the lookout for new products to bring to my shop.